Since Google is increasingly becoming the place to start a home search, there is no better way to market a listing you’re selling by having an individual property website made.

You can upgrade to add a  single property website that can be branded and customized to you for only $15.

Single Property websites can really help your listing stand apart:

Generate interest for the listing. Your high-priority listing doesn’t have to compete with other properties in a single property site. In this exclusive avenue, one priority is the star of the show.

Easy to share and promote. Single property sites can be linked to today’s most relevant social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Youtube. This increased capability of sharing your listing’s information widens your reach and will most likely lead buyers from far and wide back to you.

What’s up with the Marketing Kit? Every single property website also includes a free marketing kit that includes:

Printable Flyer Templates

Social Media Sharing

Social Media Video

Social Media Tiles

Social Media helps sell so many homes today, make sure you are posting high-quality attention-getting images and video with the Marketing Kit


You can see an example of everything that comes with the single property website and marketing kit below.



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